• Baron Fenton Farling

    Baron Fenton Farling

    Paunchy and wrinkled with drooping blond hair and large watery eyes.
  • Bishop Tarduk

    Bishop Tarduk

    A slender man in his mid-forties with a balding pate and an immaculately oiled goatee and two dark, piercing eyes.
  • Emil Krafton

    Emil Krafton

    The Bailiff of Namaran is a plain looking man in his late forties. He dresses in fine clothing befitting his office.
  • Jaccob Miller

    Jaccob Miller

    Seven years old with bone white skin and eyes, Jaccob's flesh hangs from him in ragged sheets.
  • Lord Commander Orthos Blakeburn

    Lord Commander Orthos Blakeburn

    Tall and powerfully built, Lord Commander Blakeburn has a shaggy mane of black hair and a bristly beard despite his fifty years. An air of confidence hangs about him.
  • Rurik


    Broad of chest and thick of limb, Rurik is a fearsome soldier in his banded mail wielding a heavy dwarven axe and tower shield.
  • Sir Darlow Colebrook

    Sir Darlow Colebrook

    Sir Darlow's brown hair, blue eyes and long features betrayed his Ulnoran heritage. He was of average height and dressed himself in the simple but well-made cloth of a country knight.
  • Sir Tristan Rigby

    Sir Tristan Rigby

    Sir Tristan is tall and slender with dark hair that cascades in ringlets to his shoulders. A patch covers his left eye and partially covers a jagged scar that runs from his hairline to his jaw.
  • Thelaspin


    A floating, disembodied skull that can only be seen or heard by Kaspar
  • Tibett "The Vulture"

    Tibett "The Vulture"

    A mountain on legs. He stands nearly six and a half feet tall with wild black hair and a beard, wearing furs over his mail shirt.