Sir Darlow Colebrook

Sir Darlow's brown hair, blue eyes and long features betrayed his Ulnoran heritage. He was of average height and dressed himself in the simple but well-made cloth of a country knight.


Sir Darlow was a knight in service to Baron Fenton Farling of Namaran. His small keep stood amidst the foothills north of Namaran in the hamlet of Tyndil. He was gruesomely killed by some mysterious creature that has plagued Namaran on the same night that his keep burned down.


When Brother Brandos, Sir Tristan Rigby, Ssibliss and Kasper brought the body of Father Francis to Tyndil it was Sir Darlow who identified the remains. He offered them his hospitality for the night, but in the morning grew outraged when he discovered that they meant to use magic within his household. He staunchly refused and eventually sought his lord in Namaran village after the body “disappeared”.

During the investigation of the gruesome murders of Father Francis and another woman, Kella Brinewood, the group became suspicious of Sir Darlow’s involvement with a former group of childhood friends that were being murdered.

It was while they were protecting two more of the potential victims in Namaran that word spread of a fire in the hamlet of Tyndel. Brandos, Kapsar, Ssibliss, Sir Tristan and the dwarven warrior, Rurik thundered across the countryside to find the knights small keep ablaze and a group of peasants trying to extinguish the fires.

Brandos braved the heat and smoke to rescue Sir Colebrook’s two children, but his wife Alma was killed. Sir Darlow himself was found later in the morning, his body snapped and twisted in the limbs of a stunted tree a few hundred feet from the keep.

Sir Darlow Colebrook

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