Baron Fenton Farling

Paunchy and wrinkled with drooping blond hair and large watery eyes.


Baron Fenton Farling was a brave and ferocious knight in his youth. He was a stalwart ally to Count Samos Drethor and helped him capture the fortress of
Ar Rastan and secure Ibylis for the crusader cause.

Now in his late sixties, Farling’s health has deteriorated as has his physical condition. He is heavy set and plagued by gout. He has shut himself up in his tower and has little contact with the outside world.


Lord Fenton was a capable soldier in his day but his many years as ruler of the backwater barony of Namaran has been hard on him. He has lost two wives, one from the north another from the south, and only had a single child who survived to adulthood. His son and heir, Sir Robert, squired in Ar Rastan and joined King Darius’ army at the Battle of the Lion. He was captured by a Myvar potentate and is being held for ransom.

Desperate to recover his son, Lord Farling has re-opened the ancient mines to raise the funds demanded by the Myvar.


The Arms of House Farling

Baron Fenton Farling

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