Broad of chest and thick of limb, Rurik is a fearsome soldier in his banded mail wielding a heavy dwarven axe and tower shield.


Rurik, son of Magnar is a glowering, ferocious-looking dwarf. He is among the elite of the dwarven communities defenders in Ran Adin and is widely respected by its members.
He has a thick mane of red hair and a neatly braided beard. His eyes are olive and his skin is ruddy and callused. In combat he wields a wickedly sharp dwarven war axe and wears a suit of expertly fitted banded mail. He carries a tower shield.


Rurik was born and raised in Ran Adin. He is a pillar of the dwarven community, acting as a champion and defender to his people. Because the dwarves are not permitted to bear arms, he usually can be found in a leather jerkin with a nasty dirk and cudgel on his belt. In times of crisis, however, he girds himself in armour and bears a finely honed dwarven war axe.

Rurik is the son of Magnar, a storied hero of the dwarven people of Cyonia. It was Magnar who led the dwarven community in its resistance to the invading Crusader armies long after the rest of the city had fallen. It was also he who negotiated with King Tiberius and his agent, Cardinal Guy de Valin to bring the dwarves into the king’s peace.

The Magnar, as he is known, is still a critical member of the community, but age and infirmity have taken its toll and now the duty of maintaining the security of the dwarves has fallen to Rurik.


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