Bishop Tarduk

A slender man in his mid-forties with a balding pate and an immaculately oiled goatee and two dark, piercing eyes.


Father Tarduk is a slender, man with hunched shoulders, an oily black goatee, thinning hair and dark, piercing eyes. He tends to dress in the simple robes of a priest with the gold chain of his royal office about his neck.

Despite his stature, Tarduk has a deep and sonorous voice that commands attention. He is a master orator and is thought in many circles to be the true heart of the Pure Lander movement.


Father Tarduk first came to Ran Adin as so many other poor clerics have, as preacher-pilgrims. His orations were controversial and often stirred up unrest as he railed against the Myvar population and extolled the virtues of those who lived purely by the Lucidian creed.

His partnership with the late Lord Covin gave him access to the royal court and eventually he caught the ear of many influential persons throughout Cyonia. It is unknown how far his influence has extended, but the fact that he was able to be elevated to the position of Lord Privy Seal for the young King Kheldon indicates that he has powerful friends.

Bishop Tarduk

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