A floating, disembodied skull that can only be seen or heard by Kaspar


A floating skull is all that remnains of a once brilliant and decadent necromancer. In life, Thelaspin dressed himself richly and partook in all manner of excess. His death has left him without physical form but has not reduced his vim or desire for knowledge.


Thelaspin was born to wealth and was raised with all manner of privileges. He showed great potential for magic at an early age so his father apprenticed him to an elderly wizard for training. His deep curiosity in the boundaries of life and death brought Thelaspin to the forbidden art of necromancy. In time he established a home of his own and built a lab where he put his brilliant mind to work probing the mysteries of death.

Moral issues never bothered Thelaspin much. It is difficult to say what his motivations were when he took the young orphaned gnome Kaspar into his household. When his diminuitive house guest proved to have a deep intellect and a curiosity about death that mirrored Thelaspin’s own, he began to tutor Kaspar in the art of magic. In time Thelaspin and Kaspar became more than just master and apprentice.

A lab accident that quickly ignited a massive explosion destroyed Thelaspin’s physical form, leaving him as nothing more than a disembodied skull, invisible to all but Kaspar.


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