Tibett "The Vulture"

A mountain on legs. He stands nearly six and a half feet tall with wild black hair and a beard, wearing furs over his mail shirt.


Tibett, known as The Vulture, hails from the uncivilized northern wastes of Descendria, a fact that is apparent in his manner of dress and action. He is vulgar, foul and violent.

His wild black hair and beard frame a hard, weathered face with a large brow; sharp eyes and a prow for a nose. His teeth are brown and crooked in a mouth made for cursing.

Tibett has long been afflicted by lycanthropy. In wolf form he is massive, snarling shaggy black beast. When in hybrid form he stands over seven feet tall with massive arms and a thick pelt of unruly black hair.


Little is known about Tibett’s past. His association with the Iron Wolves began nearly a decade ago and he has proven to be a fearless, if somewhat imprudent, soldier. His temper is legendary so that even those who drink with him are wary of crossing him.

In the village of Namaran, after a night of drinking, The Vulture lost his temper and murdered a young member of the town’s watch named Jeffen. In the resulting battle Tibett was killed by a bolt of black energy levelled on him by the gnomish wizard Kaspar.

Tibett "The Vulture"

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