The Monastery of the Redeemer

Monastery of the redeemer

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Monastery of the redeemer 3

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Built from the ruins of a Myvolin-era slave camp, the Monastery of the Redeemer sits on the eastern shore of Lake Namaran. The Old Monastery was erected over nearly a century by the Brothers of Saint Brisbee when they first came to the valley. It was destroyed in a tragic fire that claimed the lives of nearly two score brothers in the year 385 LE. The remaining brothers were too poor and too few to rebuild and so instead moved into the ramshackle series of barns, sheds and a run-down tower that sit behind the original monastery.

Never a large order, the Monks of Saint Brisbee have shrunken to scarcely two dozen brothers. Their leader is Abbot Hewin, a soft man with a plain, round face and thinning hair. Like all of his fellow monks, the abbot wears roughspun woolen robes with a rope belt and sandals as his only attire. The monks are a pacifist order and will not raise weapons for any cause, even their own defence.

They are busy throughout the day tending their herds and gardens and making what repairs that they can. At night they sing the praises of Pelor and Saint Lucius from a songbook that was scribed and illuminated by their order’s patron, Saint Brisbee; a contemporary and follower of Saint Lucius.

The Monastery of the Redeemer

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